Thursday, September 06, 2012

Power Storytelling in B2B post 2: Content Marketing World 2012

Changing your story?

We have a need, as marketers, to keep changing our story.

Get over it, says Ardath Albee (@ardath421), CEO of Marketing Interactions.

Because if you're still telling a valid story (one that meets customers' needs) then KEEP telling the story. You don't need to keep creating more and more and more stories. We actually need to make sure we're using it to it's fullest benefit.

Content production, let's face it, is expensive.

So re-use is pivotal.

And customer needs don't change that fast. Neither should your story.

There are relevant ideas here for financial services brands in Australia - whether in institutional or retail parts of the industry.

Be consistent. Be interesting. Keep it up.

And in order to know if you're being consistent, sign up to all your own 'stuff'. Watch it in all channels, in real time, as your customers may be. So you at least know what you're really saying - is it's consistent, useful and interesting?


Or is it disconnected, and not so relevant?

As long as the 'trouble' exists, the story should work. And then you have re-useable content.

Content that has longevity, that can be updated, and that really lasts.

To finish, here are Ardath's mistakes to avoid in B2B story telling.

6 mistakes made in B2B Storytelling

1. To much about YOU
2. Not serialising the story
3. Failing to tell the story across channels
4. Addressing the wrong 'trouble'
5. Forgetting about conflict
6. Talking about your company in the third person

6 things to remember

1. Distinct value drives story theme
2. Distinct value allows pivots for all offerings
3. Always start where there's trouble
4. Anticipate what comes it with Q&A if you have to...based on buyer persona's and what they'd most likely want to know...that way you'll be able to tell a really interesting story from their pov.
5. Tell consistent stories across channels
6. Connect the dots

Finally, check out Ardath's free tool It takes you through the process of building a buyer persona so you can tell them a really interesting story. I like it, and I'll be using it with our clients. We do something like this now, but paper based!

I'm attending Content Marketing World 2012 (#cmworld) from 4 to 6 September for BlueChip Communication. I'll be bringing back the primary insights for financial services in Australia, and sharing them with clients and colleagues. Email us to attend one of my (free) highlights presentations in Sydney during September, October this year or February 2013. 

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