Friday, September 07, 2012

Google+ Why bother? Content Marketing World 2012

Google+ is reaching critical mass, and (at least for now) is mostly useful to those in B2B communication, said Arnie Kuenn of Vertical Measures at the Content Marketing World conference today.

If you're a marketer, why would you bother with google+?

Why use google+?

Arnie's view is that you want to be there - pretty much every business, he says, can gain something from having a google+ presence.


1. Circles allow targeted messaging
2. Direct interaction with fans is possible
3. Multiple administrators have access
4. If you have a presence you'll get more real estate in search results
5. Video chat capability via hangouts

And finally? Google+ is replacing the former google location capability - if you want your business to be searchable it needs to be on google+, says Arnie.

So how to make the most of it?

Google+ best practices

1. Bring google+ to your website - add the +1 button to ALL website
2. Get direct connected
3. Optimise your profile - fill it all out including as many links as you can
4. Get verified
5. Confirm authorship
6. Place +12 button on every page of your website
7. Create content and share it

And if you are going to use video hangouts, or record video to post to google+, make sure you have good lighting and sound. People will forgive getting names wrong, and many sins of omission. What they won't forgive is poor quality video.

Arnie runs a link building company - so when he says you HAVE to be on google+ to optimise search he's probably right.

One big impact of google+ is that quality content matters more than ever - spamming and crap content just don't cut it anymore.

Bear in mind also google+ is still pretty experimental - there are new features being launched constantly. So be prepared to roll with the punches!

I'm attending Content Marketing World 2012 (#cmworld) from 4 to 6 September for BlueChip Communication. I'll be bringing back the primary insights for financial services in Australia, and sharing them with clients and colleagues. Email us to attend one of my (free) highlights presentations in Sydney during September, October this year or February 2013. 

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