Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Social media breakout: PAICR 2011

Judging by the audience response in this session, most of us are using social media personally, but many are not there as financial services companies or institutions.

Pretty much the same as Australia. And pretty much, I'd suggest, a fleeting moment in time.

Deborah Well of Harbor Capital Advisors chaired the session that Vanguard's Eric Haberacker and I spoke at.

Newsflash...presentations by fund managers aren't watched a lot on YouTube but the eTrade baby is.

The Vanguard YouTube channel is a great one to learn from.

Here are a few things that make it work: videos are engaging, short and well produced.

Stay true to your brand, says Haberacker. Other guiding principles include being authentic, transparent and candid; one size does not fit all; keep in line with regulations; humanize Vanguard through content; be an investor advocate and "experiment-learn-evolve".

Three key considerations for Vanguard in making social media work are these:
1. Social media content impacts brand reputation - make PR a critical partner because they know and manage the company 'story'
2. Speed is critical - expedited turnarounds are the norm
3. Content classifications - static and interactive content can follow different approval processes

And today's inside tip: Do you have to spend $200k to get your own YouTube channel? No. AT least not if you're already doing business with Google.

I'm also tweeting (when coverage allows!) from the 2011 PAICR conference as 'Carden'.

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