Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What NOT to do as professional communicators in the GFC

With an admittedly ‘ghastly’ outlook for 2009, how do you communicate to clients and other stakeholders in the year ahead?

While it’s tempting to keep a low profile, the strongest findings ( about reputation show that leadership and communication are more important than ever in a crisis.

Reputations are made or broken in troubled times. As PR & marketing people in the financial services industry we can't singlehandedly solve the global financial crisis - but we can show leadership in how we respond.

Before we talk about leadership in future blogs, here are my top suggestions about what NOT to do:

1. Say nothing
2. Be overly optimistic
3. Make promises you can’t keep
4. Imply you know what’s going to happen now
5. Ignore technology such as webcasts, email, Skype or your website
6. Fail to educate your client with what you do know, as soon as you know it.

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