Monday, February 13, 2012

Four economists worth listening to...and one you MUST hear

While I tweet and blog from events I usually don't re-publish the subsequent content. The Financial Standard Chief Economist's breakfast (see Kaitlin Walsh's summary in the post below) is worth making an exception for.

If you're looking for a little light economic-style entertainment I can highly recommend Tim Harcourt's presentation.
For a global view check out the presentation by Principal Global Investors' Bob Baur. Bob is a regular visitor to Australia, and as we've found (PGI are a client), in great demand from media outlets keen to hear his particular take on the global economy and what that might mean for Australia. It helps that he has a better-than-usual set of economic jokes. And no, I'm not referring to PIIGS, BRICs, houses made of straw or the big bad wolf!
Finally, Saul Eslake, on productivity, blew me away. Breathless as that sounds, the data he presented was a wake-up call to Australian employers, the education sector and government. OK, I'm late catching on - Saul and others have been talking productivity for some time. If you're not familiar with the subject it's very worth a quick look at some of his slides. The implications are serious for Australia's future.
Richard Gibbs (Maquarie Group) and Clifford Bennett (White Crane Group) were also good value.

Only got time for one? Definately Saul Eslake.

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