Friday, November 05, 2010

Ogilvy PR's 360 top 5 on social media measurement

A PR industry conference could be a day in hell...or prove truly illuminating.

On the 'illumination' scale I'm giving the PRIA an 8 out of ten so far.

Today I'm attending the Public Relations Institute of Australia's Registered Consultancy Group conference, and sharing some of the more interesting presentations via twitter (@carden).

We just heard from the person who for many years authored Malcolm Turnbull's 'dog blog'. Apparently it attracted the greatest traffic of all areas of the website. And I really thought it was from the dogs...

Here's a perspective from Ogilvy's 360 group on social media measurement.

1. Define goals w the client (business)
2. Check historical metrics
3. Select your tools at the beginning
4. Agree upon report template and timing
5. Decide on an optimisation approach

The speaker made some great points - one was that regardless of which provider you use to measure social media (radiant, neilson, buzz numbers etc) bear in mind they all have weaknesses. And the human component of measurement still matters - no automated tool can necessarily 'get' Australian irony.

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