Sunday, October 11, 2009

What makes a great PR person?

1. Motivation: it sounds basic (and it is) but oh so lacking sometimes...slackness is sure to follow

2. Information: we are only as good sometimes as what we know and when. Regardless of whether someone is a client or a supplier, we are all under constant pressure to actually know what the hell the real story is.

3. Judgement: swift, accurate judgement about a situation is immensely valuable. There are 25 year olds who do this well and 50 year olds who do it badly, and vice versa. It's something more than being smart and something less than needing 20 years experience.

4. Speed: once upon a time you could take four hours to answer most media queries in financial services. Now more than 20 minutes could mean the difference between no story and one that starts to sink the company.

5. Integrity: to tell a client their story won't float, to tell a journo we don't know the answer and the client or the spokesperson won't want to answer (and no we don't know why), to always tell the truth and sometimes, to say absolutely nothing at all. Ever (some things go with me to the grave!!).

These are the things I've seen in every successful PR I've met....

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  1. I would also suggest "network connections". The aility to reach and influence the media must be a core competency for any successful PR professional, in my opinion.


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