Sunday, September 13, 2009

Financial institutions' exponential online growth - 54 on twitter to over 600 in less than 6 months??

Now here's a really useful blog for anyone interested in financial services online pr and social media. Visible-Banking, out of the UK, tracks, among other things, the growth of financial institutions (FIs) online.

From a mere 54 in March 2009 to a whopping 606 more recently!

We are talking here about banks, credit unions, fund / asset managers, insurers, credit card issuers and others who maybe:
  • blogging
  • on Facebook
  • posting to YouTube
  • running online communities
  • providing podcasts
  • launching innovation labs
  • maybe have RSS feeds
  • providing webcasts or TV
  • have a wiki....and more.
Another blog to watch, this time from the US, is Rock the Boat Marketing, a social media directory of asset managers, broker-dealers, financial advisers and media.


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  2. Hello Carden, I'm about a month late in finding the mention but it was a nice surprise.

    We're also quite mad about tracking financial services issues via our two Twitter accounts--@RockTheBoatMKTG and @AdvisorTweets, if you're interested.

    Thanks again for reading and cheers!


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